Corners Consultants are available to help whether you are suffering from the seasonal cold, a chronic condition or just want to improve your health, corners consultants are there to help you choose the right food, supplement, cream, herbal tea or tincture.

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Karin Uphoff assists people in reconnecting with their natural healing force using the nutritive and energetic qualities of plants to help balance and heal the body. 
In addition to a masters in Zoology; she has a diploma in herbal medicine and iridology from the U.K. and has held a private practice since 1997.  She is also a certified massage therapist and yoga instructor, and practices energy medicine from both Eastern and Western traditions.  
Karin enjoys making customers tea blends using the extensive collection of high quality bulk herbs available upstairs in the herb room.  Look for her book "Botanical Body Care" and a series of classes with the same name. Visit Karin's website here.
Osha has celebrated over 30 years of guiding customers through Corners of the Mouth.
She believes that health begins with whole foods.  When there is an imbalance we may need more than foods.  For every ailment there are foods, herbs and supplements that help to support the body's own healing process.  Osha works with her own experience and training plus our extensive library to find the healing agents that fit each customer and his or her preferences.
Osha raised three children using the whole foods available at Corners of the Mouth.  She has studied herbalists Jeanne Rose and Susan Weed and has taken a master herbalist course with Matthew Wood.

Lois Senger is passionate about preventative care and looks at our core health as a balance of nutritious organic food interacting with a healthy lifestyle: the whole person needs to be supported with stress reduction, rest and physical activity as well as nutrition. 
Lois has an undergraduate and masters degree in food and nutrition.  She is a Registered Dietician and Certified Diabetes Educator.  She has taught nutrition at College of the Redwoods and advised individuals on nutrition and health at Mendocino Coast District Hospital for 30 years.
Lois is currently studying herbal healing.  She is excited to combine her nutrition and lifestyle consulting experience with Corners high quality herbs and supplements to support your optimum wellness.

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